Points to ponder before buying your next smartphone!!

Now a days, your mobile phone is the utmost important gadget you carry. It has become your shadow.

So, being a shadow of yours it deserve a foolproof checklist before you spend your hard earned money.


As well said by JOHN MCAFEE “Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.”


So, spying is at its best your Smartphone should be enough smart to match with your need. Being a guy related to gadget field we always make a checklist before we start any assignment.

So, here is your checklist before buying the next mobile phone.

  1. Optimum Battery life (Minimum 3000mah)

Since battery is the food of your Smartphone, you should make sure that your Smartphone never outrun hunger.

As Smartphone manufacturers have been cautious about not being the flag bearers of phone with massive batteries just after the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but makers such as Motorola still play with battery backup being its main highlight in their specification such as motto E4 plus and moto upcoming phone moto Z2 force will have 6220 mah power having tagline “never slow down with 6220 mah power” However, to sustain your daylong activity, a Smartphone should have at least 3000 mah battery.



2. Having Enough RAM ( 4 GB)

It’s a world full of application and app means heavy app. The RAM capacity of your phone should be enough to run several app simultaneously as we now a day believe in multi-tasking.Those who have interest in gaming should go for higher RAM capacity. I suggest 4 GB of RAM to play without interruption.


3. Storage Capacity ( 64 gb)

Now a day, most handset lack dedicated SD card slot so need of more storage capacity arise.Also you will not get complete internal storage capacity for your use as it already reserved significant portion of storage capacity. Therefore, it is essential to have a handset that has enough storage that doesn’t create annoying pop up everyday asking you to free up space.


4 . Camera Capture (Rear Dual)

The basic need now is having a dual camera for your Smartphone.  The new generation population having their finger on camera to capture every low or high moment of their life and surrounding. So make sure that your next phone should have a great camera freak preferably dual camera.


5. Display (Bigger and better)

In 2018 every Smartphone launched till date featured with 18:9 full view display whether it is honor 9Lite or Redmi Note 5. The decent display will definitely adds to the elegant appeal to the handset. And display quality should be full HD of 1920 x 1080 resolutions.


6. Processor ( Minimum Quad core)

Processor empowers your phone like never before if it has edge over other Smartphone.  The no of cores determine how fast and smoothly the phone performs. So you need to go for an octa-core processor and definitely not a quad core processor.



7. Latest Operation System (Oreo and if Nougat then Oreo confirmed)

Android Oreo, which was announced in 2017, is the latest OS and your phone should feature it and if not then at least confirmed by the handset maker for Oreo update.

Edited by- Suman Saurabh Jha


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